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Marcelo Kimura



Guitarist and Composer


Marcelo Kimura, Guitarist and Composer.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1979, Marcelo was raised in a family of musicians and started playing guitar while still a small boy. Through natural talent and determination he went on to study classical guitar at the Conservatorio Musical e Dramatico Dr. Carlos Campos in Tatui, Sao Paulo. While studying at the largest drama and music school in Latin America, he was able to broaden his artistic spectrum and even study under greats such Marcos Del Hommo and Pacheco. Having been exposed to such a vast musical range, Marcelo naturally became a sought after musician and vocalist in Brazil. This would also lead to him developing his own musical style that greatly influences his love of Brazilian Music.

In 2004 Marcelo was blessed with the opportunity to come to Tokyo, Japan where he was instantly welcomed and successful as a professional Brazilian musician. In January 2009, he formed the samba instrumental band “ Unit MISO BANANA”, and in January 2010 they released Album “Uirapuru” to critical acclaim. As a gifted composer and musician he constantly works with international artists playing, arranging, and composing Brazilian music.

In October 2013, he released the solo album “ Morro Do Urbana” at Motion Blue Yokohama, one of Japan’s premieres music venues in Asia. In June 2014, he released ''Marcelo Kimura CD release LIVE” at the Nagoya Blue Note live house with great success. In September 2018, he released "Samba a distância”.

Currently based in Tokyo he is the number one sought after Brazilian artist/guitarist/vocalist in Japan.

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Recent Japan Tour

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São Paulo, Brazil



Brazilian, Bossa Nova, Samba, Latin Jazz


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Unit Miso Banana , Brazard Duo




International Managment//

LLC Marinheiro


Bricadeira de criancas

Bricadeira de criancas

Minha Estrada Rio

Minha Estrada Rio

Samba a Distancia

Samba a Distancia

Morro do Urbana

Morro do Urbana




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Career Highlights

2013 – Lisa Ono / Nagoya Latin Bar São Luis


2013 – Paula Lima / Nagoya Latin Bar São Luis and Club Quatro Nagoya


2014 – Filó Machado


2015 – Daniel Baeder and Michel Cyr (Former Cirque du Soleil Members)


2019 – Seiko Matsuda / Fuji TV Music Fair


Seiko Jazz 2 Japan Tour

2/22(金) 大阪フェスティバルホール

2/26(火) オーチャードホール   

2/27(水) オーチャードホール    

3/ 2(土) 神奈川県民ホール     

3/ 4(月) 久留米シティプラザ    

3/ 9(土) 仙台サンプラザホール

3/15(金) 香川レクザムホール   

3/17(日) 日本特殊陶業市民会館


2019 – Marcelo Kimura 2 nd Album Japan Tour

7/18 – Kyoto RAG

7/19 – Nagoya Blue Note

7/20 – Kanazawa Riverside

7/21 – Hamamatsu Hermit Dolphin



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Arturo Urena Hamelitz :

1-chome-13-4 Higashimagome

Ota City, Tokyo-to 143-0022


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